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 2013 Black Hills Chapter Essay contest


The Black Hills Chapter of the 
   Germans from
Russia Heritage Society    

   Annual Essay Contest!


An essay contest sponsored by the Black Hills Chapter of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (BH GRHS) promotes the goals of the society by encouraging students to learn about the history and culture of the Germans from Russia and to learn about family genealogical research.

 All entries in the Black Hills chapter contest are automatically entered in the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS) essay contest where they will be eligible for additional awards.  More information on the GRHS contest can be found on their website: www.GRHS.org.

This BH GRHS essay contest is open to all South Dakota resident students or students related to a Black Hills Chapter member
. Students attending public, private, parochial, or home schools, and students attending accredited universities, as full-time undergraduate students, may enter the contest. The subject of the paper must be directly related to German Russian history, heritage or culture, and be the contestant’s original work. A contestant does not need to be ethnic German-Russian to enter the contest.  Resubmission of previously judged work is not permitted.  

BH GRHS winners and GRHS winners will be chosen in each of the following categories:

bulletI.   Middle School…6th thru 8th grade.
bullet II.  High School…9th thru 12th grade.
bullet III. University or College Undergraduate, limited to undergraduate students enrolled full-time in degree-seeking programs

In addition, GRHS will choose a High School Senior Scholarship winner.

TOPICS: Essay topics may include any and all aspects of German-Russian heritage including:
        Cultural Anthropology of the German-Russians.
        Historical analysis of the reasons for the Diaspora (scatter) of the

        German-Russian history in the Americas and Canada.
        German-Russian history in Russia, the Soviet Union, loss of Soviet citizenship, labor
         camps in the Soviet Union, and labor camps in England and France after World War II  
    ·        Personal family history, insofar as it relates to German-Russian history and culture. 

FORMAT: Format for the entries may include:
·        Research papers, including persuasive works and/or historical analysis.
        Creative writing, including short stories, fictional diaries, plays, historical fiction,
       and descriptive prose. Creative writing endeavors should evidence an exploration
       and understanding of German Russian history and culture. 

        Genealogical history of a particular family including individual histories of ancestors.
        Digital Media, including but not limited to PowerPoint, short film, and website design. 
       Please note:  all digital media will be judged according to the same criteria as other

For middle school, high school and college/university entries:

   ·       All entries should be typed and double spaced with a maximum length of 10 pages (not
        including the title page and bibliography). 
    ·     Submissions should normally be in Word 97-2003 or Word 2007. Exceptions, such as
        for graphics or digital media, can be made.
    ·   Contestant’s name should be on the entry form only and not appear on the essay
Entries must include an official BH GRHS or GRHS Essay Contest Entry form. 

Additional requirements for high school entries:
   ·     Entries must include a Works Cited/Bibliography page.
   ·     Creative writing endeavors are welcomed and should include a bibliography of
        reference materials evidencing an exploration of German-Russian history.

 Additional requirements for college/university entries:
   ·      Creative writing endeavors are welcomed, and must include a bibliography of reference
        materials evidencing an exploration of German-Russian history. 

·      Research papers shall include proper citation of source materials, utilizing either
        Modern Language Association (MLA) or Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) formatting.
        If an alternative citation format is used, that format should be listed at the top of the
        works cited page.

How to Start:
You may to wish to read these two very brief accounts of German-Russian history:            http://library.ndsu.edu/grhc/history_culture/history/history2.html

Much more information can be found at the roots of the two sites above.  The first site, in particular, has links to many periodical and newspaper articles.  Essays of previous year’s winners and much additional information can be found at http://grhs.org/, at http://ahsgr.org/ and at the Black Hills Chapter website: http://members.rushmore.com/~bhgrhs. A good book is: Giesinger, Adam. From Catherine to Khrushchev: The Story of Russia’s Germans.  Lincoln: The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. 1981. 

Entries are judged solely on the quality of research underlying the entry, and the writing style of the entry. NOTE:  a substantial portion of the scoring rubric is based upon how the paper addresses German-Russian history and heritage.  While providing historical context as to world events and history at the time is not discouraged in any way, please be aware that providing such background is not a substitute for discussing how the German-Russian people interacted with world affairs.  Criteria for judging include historical accuracy, clarity, and originality of thought, creativity, and style.  Winning entries, regardless of format, must show evidence of serious research on German-Russian history and culture. 

The Black Hills Chapter awards are the same in each category and are $150 for the first place winner and $100 for runner-up winner.  Each winner also receives a trophy and a certificate. With the winners’ permission, the entries may be posted on the Black Hills Chapter website.  The awards will be made at the June 2013 Black Hills GRHS Chapter meeting in Rapid City.

Black Hills Chapter Contest Rules & Entry Form: Please contact Bill Bosch at    wbosch@spe.midco.net.  

With the winner’s authorization, winning essays may be published in the GRHS Heritage Review and/or electronically on the GRHS website. In addition, winners in each category will receive the following:

Middle School:
 1st Place — $150 & Runner-up — $100
High School: 
1st Place — $150 & Runner-up — $100
High School Senior Scholarship:
The $300 Gwen Pritzkau scholarship will be awarded to the highest scoring high school senior entry.
 A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to the highest scoring university entry;
2nd place will receive a Runner-Up Trophy and $250.

Good Luck! 

Click here to go to the 2012 Black Hills GRHS Chapter  Essay Contest Winner's Page.

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