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Welcome to JSKYs

XP & Vista Support

Helping you to GO GREEN

By running a well tuned, and Malware free Computer. You cut down on power consumption. Have a smoother, better running computer. And you’re helping the world to “Go Green


Here you will find Tips, Tricks, Tweaks, Free Software and loads of Links. Plenty of information for those of you needing computer help and support for Windows XP, and now Windows Vista.


From a fresh install, to turning off those annoying warnings. I will try to cover all sides of XP. Hoping to make your Windows XPerience far more rewarding.


You will find links to some of "The Best of the Webs" sites to help you with any help and support issues one might need with their Windows Operating Systems.


There are also download links for all windows operating systems.


Some of this material came from the message boards of "TechTV" And BestTechies And got high reviews from the good people that were willing to give a helping hand.



I hope you will find this computer support information useful.



Lots of help, and repair articles to help you keep your PC clean, safe and secure.



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