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System Tune-up


System Tune-up:

OK, lets start with a basic cleanup of your system. 

It might be wise to print a copy of this.


Open up your start menu. Then go to "All Programs", > "Accessories", > "System Tools". And look for "Disk Cleanup" Select your main drive, usually drive C. And click OK. This could take some time, so don't worry.  Then put Checks only on "Temporary Internet Files", "Recycle Bin" and "Temporary Files". Click OK. Then YES.


Next we need to clean out your browser cache and cookies. Open Internet Explorer. On the top toolbar, choose "Tools", then "Internet Options" On the General Page, under "Temporary Internet Files". Choose "Delete Files" and "Clear History". Then go to “Settings”, > “View Files” and remove any cookies you really don't need. Which might be only leave a handful left.


Now if you don't already have them,

Download AdAware.

And Spybot S&D.


Update them both. On Spybot, Click to "Immunize” and for now close them both out.


Now to get more into a system cleanup.

 Go to your Start Menu, to your "My computer” Icon and R-Click on it. Then down to "Properties". Then click on the "System Restore" tab. Then put a check at "Turn off System Restore". Click Apply and OK. Remember this part so you can turn "System Restore" back on.


Now Click on your "Start Menu" again, and click on the "My Computer" icon.  On the part that says "Hard Disk Drives", R-Click on your Drive C (C). Then down to "Properties" and click to open. On the main window that opens, choose the "Tools" tab. On "Error Checking", Click "Check Now" A new window will open. Put a check mark on both options and click OK. You will be informed that it can't run now and would you like to run "Disk Check" on next reboot. Click OK.


Now go to your "Start Menu" once again. To your "Run" icon. And type   "msconfig " without the quotes.  This will open up the "System Configuration Utility". Click on the  "BOOT.INI" tab and put a check on "/SAFEBOOT" Click Apply and OK. You will be informed that you will need to reboot your Computer. Click OK.  Remember this last path. You will need to come back to this part To get your Computer back into normal mode You do so by opening up the "System Configuration Utility". And on the "General Page" click on "Normal Startup".


Now we are ready to reboot the PC.

We are going to reboot into "Safe Mode"

Since we enabled "Scan Disk" to run on Reboot, this is going to start before windows loads. This is a 5-step process. Now do not worry, steps 4 and 5 take some time to run. In step 4, it might seem like nothing is going on, but just hang in there. Step 4 takes the longest, and seems like it just sits there for some time.


After this is done, Windows will load in "Safe Mode".

 Find the AdAware icon. And open up the program. Click on start. And place a check on "Perform Full System Scan". Then click "Next". Let it run through. When it is finished, click Next. Place a Check mark on everything that was found. And click next again. It will ask if you’re sure you want to remove these items. Click OK.


Next find the "Spybot S&D" Icon. And choose to "Check For Problems" It will now do a scan. When it is finished. Place a check ONLY ON THE ITEMS IN RED. Then check to "Fix Items"' Allow for a backup to be made.


The last step will be to Defragment your Hard Drive.

On your "Start Menu" Go to "All Programs", > "Accessories", > "System Tools". And look for "Disk Defragmenter" Chose this program, and highlight your C Drive and click to "Defragment".

 If this has not been done for a while, this process could also take some time. This will get all your files back in order.


When this is done. Go to your "Start Menu" once again. To your "Run" icon. And type   " msconfig " without the quotes. On the "General" page, Place a check at "Normal Startup" click Apply and OK. Now reboot your PC.


Now hopefully everything is working, and your PC has had a tune-up and cleaning.


In the future, Update and run both AdAware and Spybot S&D twice a week, Immunize Spybot also. Keep your browser cache cleaned out. And check for extensive amounts of cookies.


 For more info on AdAware And Spybot S&D. See the tutorials at the top of the page.







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