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 Scan and Remove the Sasser Worm

Sasser exploits a Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) issue that was addressed by a security update released in April 2004. This page explains how to recover from infection, including printable steps for users whose computers keep shutting down.

Scan and Clean Mydoom Infections

The Mydoom worm installs a back door that virus writers can use to gain access to infected computers. Microsoft has released a tool to help customers remove the Mydoom and Doomjuice worms from their computers.

Scan and Remove the Blaster Worm

Blaster exploits a security issue related to the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) function that was addressed by security updates released in 2003. This page explains how to end the worm's process and remove it from infected computers.

Scan and Remove Download.Ject Trojan Horses

Download.Ject can install malicious software on the computers of users who visit compromised Web sites. Microsoft has released a tool to help customers detect and remove these hidden programs.



Looking to customize your Task Bar?

Want to change the look of your Clock?

Want to change the look of your Start Button?

Then you want.


Down Load TClock Here.

TClocklite lets you customize your Start Button, and your Clock. You can even set your Clock to be your Start Button.

 Change the Transparency of your Task Bar. Change the wording and picture on your start button.

From Win95 to XP!

Works Great With XP!

To get Tclock to auto start with windows, Simply copy and past the Tclock shortcut into your Start Menus “Startup” Folder.

I Have fully tested this out on XPSP2.

Uses a very small amount of system resources.



Recover your WinXP product code and passwords and save your product activation to a file.

 Want to turn your brand-new copy of Windows XP into a $200 coaster? Lose the product key. Without it you won't be able to reinstall the OS. Of course there are places you can go online to find serials and cracks, but that involves rummaging around on the seedier side of the Net. Lucky for you, we dug up a simple solution for law-abiding, non-warez-searching computer, and it'll let you recover your product key, as well as system passwords stored in Windows.

There's not much to RockXP. Just launch the executable and agree to the licensing agreement. You can now access several different tabs. Click the "My Product Key" tab to reveal or change your current key. You can also save your Windows product activation to a file so you don't have to activate it again through Microsoft if you want to reinstall WinXP.

Another tab gives you access to various passwords Windows stores on your system -- for instance, the user name and password to sites you've asked IE to remember. You can also recover remote-access passwords.

The last tab is a password generator that'll help you create securer passwords. You can choose how many characters you want for each password and save your passwords to a list for easy access.

RockXP Download






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