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Windows Vista User Interface


Show Run Command on Start Menu

Windows Vista has a new search bar located on the Start Panel.

 Now you can use the new search box to find items in the various folders of your Start Menu, as well as run any application from it.  Just type in the name of the file or executable, and it will search your hard drive for it and run it. This is a great new feature.

 But if you have a load of files on your computer, then be prepared for a short delay, since it may have to search for a while.

If you do not want to wait that long, here is a quick way to get the old Run command back on your Start Panel.

1. Right click on your taskbar and select Properties.

2. Click on the Start Menu Tab and then select Customize.

3. Scroll through the list and check the Run Command check box.

4. Hit OK and viola! It is now on your main window

Enable Vista Glass look on Unsupported Video Cards

Microsoft Windows Vista, formally Codename longhorn has a new user interface system codenamed Avalon.  This new user interface engine greatly enhances the look by utilizing several cool looking 3D effects.  Of course, to be able to fully utilize the new engine you need a good 3D video card on top of special drivers, WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model).

To turn on this effect just execute c:\Windows\System32\UXSS.exe or enable and start the User Experience Session Management Service.

1. Open up Regedit.

2. Navigate through HKEY_local_machine, Software, and Microsoft.

3. Create a new KEY called DWM.

4. In the new DWM key you created, create a DWORD called EnableMachineCheck.

5. Make sure this value is set to 0 and hardware checking is now disabled.

Quick Note: Although you can get it to run on older hardware, with the lack of WDDM drivers available, it is going to run very slowly.

Slow Motion Aero Animations on Demand

For those of you have the aero glass interface working on your computer, it is possible to hold down the shift key while closing, opening, and minimizing a windows to see the animation in slow motion.  If you would like to test this out , just follow the steps below:

1. Open up Regedit.

2. Navigate thru HKEY_local_machine, Software, and Microsoft.

3. Create a new KEY called DWM if it is not already there.

4. Create a new DWORD called AnimationsShiftKey inside the DWM folder.

5. Set the new DWORD that you just created to a value of 1.

6. Restart your computer for the effect to activate.

Once you have restarted, just hold down the shift key to see any of the window animations in slow motion.


Tweak your glass window borders


Is the glass border in Windows Vista too fat your you?  How would you like to put your Windows on a diet? Loose up to 80% of your window weight immediately;

How to Adjust Vista Glass Window Border:

1. Right click on your desktop and select Personalize.

2. Click on Windows Color and Appearance.

3. Click on Open Classic Appearance Properties

4. Click Advanced.

5. Select Border Padding in the Items drop down box.

6. Increase or decrease border size.

7. Hit OK, OK and OK.







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