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Windows Vista Security Tweaks



Disable pop-up balloon tips


Tired of pop-up tips showing up all over the interface? With group policy editor, you can easily stop them from showing up for good.


   1. Start up the group policy editor by clicking on the start button and keying in gpedit.msc and pressing Enter.

   2. Expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates and Start Menu and Taskbar.

   3. Select Remove Balloon Tips on Start Menu items, right click on it and select Properties.

   4. Select Enable and hit OK.

   5. Close Group Policy Editor and you are finished.



Start Menu Privacy Tweaks


Every time you open up a document or launch a program Windows Vista keeps track of this information to build the list of application for recently run applications and recent documents list.  This can be a convenience or it can be a privacy problems if you use a shared computer.  If that is the case, then anyone that uses the computer after you can see what applications you like to run and also see the name of the documents or photos that you looked at.


In Windows Vista Microsoft has provided a easy way to tweak this setting.  Follow the steps below to protect your privacy:


   1. Right click on the taskbar and select Properties.

   2. Click on the Start Menu tab.

   3. Uncheck Store and display a list of recently opened files.

   4. Uncheck Store and display a list of recently opened programs.

   5. Hit OK and you are finished.


Now the applications that you launch and the documents & photos that you look at are no longer recorded.









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