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Installing Vista’s SP1


Installing SP1 for Vista

Welcome to JSKYs

Vista’s SP1 is a much needed Upgrade.

 From starting the SP1 install to reboot and finally the desktop takes a couple of hours, depending on your system configuration. (Half an hour just for the reboot itself. (The configuring update before reboot, and the configuring update after rebooting)).

I would suggest the following before the installation of Service Pack 1.

Note:  Update all your Main Chipset Drivers, (ie. Motherboard, Graphics, and Audio Drivers) to the latest and greatest before installing SP1. You can find them under the “Support” sections at the manufactures websites. Older Hardware Drivers have been known to cause problems with the SP1 Update.

Before Installing SP1:

Clean up all your browsers by:

·         Deleting Internet files

·         Delete Cookies

·         Cleaning out History Files

Prepare your Computer by:

·         Running Disk Cleanup

·         Empty the Recycle Bin

·         Defrag the Hard Drive

·         Back up your Files and set a Fresh System Restore Point

·         Turn off your Anti-Virus Program

·         Turn off your Firewall

·         Disable Spybot S&D Resident Shield and Tea Timer

·         Turning off any and all Anti-Spyware/Malware Protection. (ie. AdAware, AVG Anti-Spyware, Windows Defender, etc)

After the installation of SP1:

·         Reboot your Computer fully three times to get everything worked in.

·         Run Disk Cleanup

·         Defrag your Hard Drive

·         Restart your Anti-Virus Protection

·         Restart your Firewall

·         Restart Spybot S&D Resident Shield and Tea Timer

·         Turn on all your other Anti-Spyware/Malware Protection

·         Reboot your Computer one last time to enable all your programs

A lot of SP1s features are in greater security and program compatibility for third party software. Also hosting many new drivers for hardware.
SP1 has many Vista Hot fixes that have been out. But some never really offered through Windows Update.

I believe everyone will be pleased by what SP1 offers, and in the increased performance and security to their system.







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